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Desi Karigar Handmade Small Wooden Damru - Multicolour

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Key Features
Made from non-toxic and safe material that is wood
Uniquely handcrafted by rural Indian artisans
It brings lots of fun for kids
An ideal gift for a housewarming, Birthday parties. It comes in an attractive finish
Brand - Desi Karigar
Type - Musical Instrument
Age - 5 to 14 Years
Dimensions - 8.3 x 8.3 x 10.16 cm

Items included in package
1 DamruDamru is wooden instrument made from the rural artisans at the factory of Desi Karigar. Damru is very common throughout the Indian subcontinent. The Damru is known as a power drum, and when played tends to bring spiritual energy. It is associated with the Hindu deity Shiva. In India Damru has been played by the monkey and bear player also to dance with monkey and bear. It is Handmade twisting the wrist vigorously causes the knot at the end of the string to beat the two ends of the drum. Great sound, lots of fun.

Made In: India

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Price ₹699.00
Material Na
Color Multi
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