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Channapatna Toys Wooden Chinese Checkers Hexagon Board with Wooden Marbles Board Games Superb Family Game Perfect Adults and Kids Gift Fun Toys 3+ Years (Small Checkers)-WCCBG0001

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The Chinese Checkers Game Set is easy and fun to use. Up to six players can play simultaneously, making this a great classic game for family gatherings and parties. This wooden Chinese checker board game set comes in a box for easy transportation and storage, no matter if you're playing at home or if you're taking it on the go to play with family and friends<<<>>>The 60 pegs fit nicely into the 60 holes, arranged by colour, with the actual colour of the pegs on the board. And you get 1 Peg extra peg per colour incase you loose one!<<<>>>The solid natural wood construction of the Chinese checker board and the colourful wooden pegs /marbles are built to last generations. The pegs come in an assortment of bright colours like orange, red, blue, violet, light green<<<>>>This is a game that people of almost all ages can enjoy, making it a unique and entertaining gift for friends and family for many occasions. It’s the ideal gift for Birthdays, Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Anniversaries, and most other occasions<<<>>>Made of wood, non-toxic and child safe materials
Channapatna toys takes pride in bringing you handmade wooden Chinese checkers toy that are 100% safe, free from toxic paints, plastics and batteries so that your child can have fun in the healthiest possible way! Chinese checkers This traditional game of Chinese checkers requires strategy, tactics, and skill. Each player tries to capture or checkmate the opponent. The aim is to race player's own pieces into the star corner on the opposite side of the board before opponents do the same. A game of strategy The game’s objective is to move one player’s pegs from one triangle to the opposite, by strategically planning each move. The game ends when a player manages to get all the pieces to the opposite side of their triangle. Intuitive Design User friendly design paves way for easy understanding of the working of the toy. It also helps in increasing concentration and IQ of the child. This board game serves for all age groups. Size of the board is specially designed to facilitate to travel. Explorative Play Concept This game is extremely interesting that the players get completely involved and device different methods to win the game. In addition, this game improves strategic thinking and enhances social skills. Problem Solving Problems provoke innovative thinking about which marbles to move and where to unclog the path for other marbles, thus enhancing their problem-solving skills and ability to strategize! Bright Patterns and Colouring This board game is quite easy to understand, and kids around four years of age can learn it too. The colourful pegs make the game more interesting for the kids. Child Safe Product Chemicals that are harmful to babies such as BPA, phthalates and PVC are not a part of this product. It is made of hard wood and nontoxic colours.
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