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Kindermum Kinder Pink muslin Flats/squares (set of 3)

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Type: Organic muslin double weave flats
Special Features:
& bull; Organic Muslin flats are truly all -in -one diapers and are a basics type of cloth diapers used through generations.
& bull; Generously sized ? 80 cm x 80 cm , so that it can used from birth to toddler-hood.
& bull; DOUBLE WEAVE cloth to absorb maximum.
& bull; Softest on baby?s skin and get softer after every wash.
& bull; Kinder Flats are made up of 100 % organic cotton!
& bull; Apart from cloth diapering they can also be used as inserts, burp cloths, swaddle cloth, baby towels and more!
& bull; These Kinder flats fits most babies till they are potty trained.
& bull; Flats are one-size fits all because they can be folded and customized to a baby of any size.
& bull; Double or triple up for toddlers or heavy wetters.
& bull; These are the traditional cloth diaper style which are used across world.
& bull; Use it for diaper free time for babies.
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