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Toiing Lagori & Topsytoi - Outdoor Traditional Games Combo, For Kids Age 5+ Years

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WHAT'S INSIDE: 7 colourful stones, 1 foam ball for younger kids and 1 rubber ball for older kids to recreate the original fun of playing the game and Topsytoi, traditional wooden spinner with a string attached to the toy for making it easy for kids to play


Lagori: This game is played in teams of two with equal number of players in each team. One team tries to break the stone pyramid by striking it with a ball. Once the pyramid is broken, the team has to put the pyramid back together while the other team tries to prevent them by striking the players out with the ball.

Topsytoi: Just wrap the string around the top starting at the bottom tip and fling the top holding the free end of the string to get the top spinning

CHILD SAFE: We have made sure the product is fun for younger kids as well by giving two options for the balls - a foam ball for younger kids and a rubber ball for older ones - for them to have the same fun that we used to have while playing the game as kids!

WHAT THE KIDS LEARN: This game is great for hand-eye coordination as most sports. It's a great reason to step outdoors as a family and a great way to foster teamwork in kids

WHY GIFT THIS: A nostalgic game that can make a great gift for a kid's birthday or even adults for different occasions
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