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Learnersbridge-Phonics word family

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Written Feature: Identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another

Special Feature:

Set of 10 Word family
Trave friendly
light in weight

Symbol Feature: Letter and sound recognition developing their reading skills in a fun way.

What is inside this game ?:

10 set of wordfamily
Each set has 5 words
Each set consits of simple sentence so child can read easily

How to Play:

Read out the words and sentence to your child
Word Builder, Fun with Vowels, Spell the Word
Letters from sounds ,Sounds from words ,words from sentences ,sentences from meaning, meaning from reading.

Helpful for kids:

Helps to develop the skill of observation
Recognize and differentiate sounds
Blend phonic sounds together to form words
Develops language skills
Teaches Phonetics and encourages independent thinking.
developing memory and concentration.

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Price ₹1,168.00
Brand Learnersbridge
Age Group 3+ Years
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