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Pratham Books - Level-1&2 (Set of 8 books)

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The lights are out, and Yumum is looking for Asamo. But what if she isn’t the only one wandering about in the dark? Ghum-Ghum Gharial is out on her very first swim when she realizes that her family has swum off without her. Will she find them? Swim along the river Ganga with Ghum-Ghum and meet many amazing creatures along the way! Sringeri Srinivas had very long hair. He wanted it cut on Annual Haircut Day. Everyone was busy. You will never guess who helped him that day! Read and enjoy ! What does Anu like the most about her dad? His Mo! Do you know what a Mo is? Actually, Anu likes everyone with a Mo. So much so that when she see a Mo, She gets funny ideas! A group of children catch a ride on raindrops and travel into the skies. See where their adventure takes them. Ammu is ready to go on stage, but she can’t remember her lines. Chaos follows as she jumbles up her words for the school play. Lalita is the pet pig of Mini Singh the potter. She is a naughty pig and is always in trouble. One day, Mini finds all his beautiful pots broken, and blames Lalita. Find out what happens next. This story is inspired by a real-life pig who lives in Pune with a real-life potter. Legless Goby and noisy Snap are best friends who live together in a burrow deep in the ocean. What happens when Goby gets tired of Snaps loud claws.
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Price ₹405.00
Author Canato Jimo and Ogin Nayam,Aparna Kapur, Rohini Nilekani,Madhuri Purandare, Anjali Vaidya
Binding Staple Bound
Brand Pratham Books
Age Group 4-10 Yrs
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