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Pratham Books - Level-1 (Set of 6 books)

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You do not have to go too far to discover natures wonderful secrets—they are all there in your neighbourhood park. Learn about opposites in nature. There is so much to see on a street. Join Sonu, Monu and Rina on a Colourful walk down the lane. Tall homes, tree homes, hanging homes, underground homes—visit different homes of animals, birds and insects all around you. Sonu, Monu and Rina discovered many things together in 'Colours on the Street'. In this second book, the three friends set out to play. Little did they know that they would meet so many animals. Would you like to meet them too? "Not that one," said Anil's mother when he asked for something."Not that one!" said all the shopkeepers in the market too. That made the little boy very angry indeed! Everyone in Class 1-A knows that Gappu can’t dance. When the other students raise their left hands, she raises her right! Can Komal Ma’am get Gappu to dance? A story about the joy of dancing, using the concept of opposites.
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Price ₹250.00
Author Radha Rangarajan,Mala Kumar and Manisha ChaudhryAshwitha Jayakumar
Binding Staple Bound
Brand Pratham Books
Age Group 4-10 Yrs
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