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Pratham Books - Level-3 (Set of 7)

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All Viveka wants to do is paint the perfect picture of the sunflower field next to her house. But why won’t the flowers stay still? Caught in the mad traffic of Delhi,an auto feels a touch of magic.Take a ride with the driver and the passenger and feel the feather touch of a little stardust. Long before humans evolved, dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Let’s find out more about these amazing reptiles. “Shoo!” says everyone who sees the little brown dog. She hears the word so often that she begins to think it’s her name. Until a boy taking a shortcut home decides to share his lunch with her… Goplu is excited to ride on the train with Thammi, who has lots of friends and a smile for everyone. Maybe today Goplu can make a friend too. An ordinary day unfolds through the eyes of Jugnu and Noorie, two felines in Shantiniketan—early morning rays slant in through the windows, fish and fruit sellers do their rounds, and children leave for school. However, as the hours slip by, and kal baisakhi, the spring storm, sweeps in all of a sudden, can the day be anything but extraordinary? Stop and stare at Jugnu and Noorie’s everyday world, discover the tiny details and peel each layer in this wordless and slow picture book. Mini is in Standard 6, old enough to vote in the school elections. Soon, she has to help choose the school captain. Whom should she vote for?
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Price ₹390.00
Author Ken Spillman,Anjali Alappat,Kavitha Punniyamurthi, Timira Gupta
Binding Staple Bound
Brand Pratham Books
Age Group 4-10 Yrs
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