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Pratham Books (Set of 5 books) Level-1

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A pair of scissors turns the day upside down for Avi and Toto. Will the playful siblings get into trouble? A wordless story full of mischief and mayhem. Open the book. Spot the kite. See what happens to it. Enjoy the crisp lines and the Warli art. What does Rani see on her first day in school? How does she feel? One day Maalooo had to get some potatoes from his kitchen garden. Who do you think helped him? Kaaloo, of course! Read about Maaloo’s morning with Kaaloo as they found some ‘Aaloo’! From roti to dosa and chakli to barfi, there are different kinds of food you can eat across India. Food Monster explores the shapes of these food items. The illustrations in the book are inspired by Gyotaku or ‘fish rubbing’, an old printmaking technique used by fishermen to record their catch.
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Price ₹200.00
Author Canato Jimo,Jeyanthi Manokaran,Cheryl Rao
Binding Staple Bound
Brand Pratham Books
Age Group 4-10 Yrs
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