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Pratham Books (Set of 5 books) Level-2

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Tingu Tiger is not happy with his furry orange skin, so he exchanges it with Ranga Rhino is nice grey one. But when he wants his skin back, Ranga has already given it to Bubbloo Bear. Will the tino, the rhear and the biger go back to being tiger, rhino and bear. Find out in this fun story about muddled animals. Bunu is loose tooth refuses to come out. See how, with a little help from a Himalayan tradition, Bunu finally loses her tooth. Pabus niece Kelam wants a camel for her birthday. So he sets out from Rajasthan for Lanka to look for one. Find out where this journey takes him. Phad is a folk art style practised by the Bhopa community of Rajasthan. The artist paints on a cloth scroll called phad. Phad art features stories of folk heroes, one of whom is Pabu. From the stately Deodar and colourful Coral to the majestic Banyan and common Pipal, the book takes children on a journey across varied landscapes as they count trees, and picture the uses of each tree. Look around you to find more trees, and learn what these terrific trees can do. Children adore flying balloons. How nice it would be to soar into the skies along with the balloon! This is a thought that fascinates not only little children but also adults. When does the little boy who is high up in the skies return? Balloons, moon, children… what does the poem say about these innocent notions?
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Price ₹245.00
Author Ashok Rajagopalan,Reshma Thapa-Gurung,Anu Chowdhury-Sorabjee
Binding Staple Bound
Brand Pratham Books
Age Group 4-10 Yrs
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