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Organika Gulal 300gm-Holi Color

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 Organic Colors are made from organically grown ingredients so that everyone can celebrate the festival of colors in the true traditional way. Organika offers organik gulal and herbal gulal made from organic herbs. Organic nature of these herbal gulal make them additionally useful and extra safe.
Green gulal is made from organic tulsi leaves(free from chemicals and harmful pathogens)and natural fragrance.
 Yellow gulal is made of arrowroot powder, turmeric & natural fragrance. Yellow is the color of gold signifying purity, honesty & intellect.
 Red gulal is made of arrowroot powder, red rose & natural fragrance. Red is a symbol of passion, love & energy.
 Orange gulal is made of arrowroot, Tesu flower & natural fragrance. It symbolizes good times, warm memories & enjoyable company.
 Pink gulal is made of arrowroot powder, pink rose & natural fragrance. A favorite for gifting to women, pinks are all about gentleness.
 Indigo gulal is made of arrowroot powder, blue orchid flower & natural fragrance. Indigo speaks of emotions, depth, secrets and expressive moods.
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