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Skola Toys-Sequencing Puzzle Holi

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Wooden educational learning maths puzzle to understand sequencing for 2 year old and 3 year old children | Set includes puzzle pieces from 1 to 20 which when placed in sequence completes the picture | As the child solves the puzzle, they get an inherent understanding of the number system from to 1 to 20 also provides an introduction to counting since the picture is complete only when the pieces are kept in correct number sequence or conversely, when the numbers are placed in sequence, the picture is completed thus children understand sequencing completely which is an important step towards counting in mathematics | Children love it when their actions give them a greater and more satisfying outcome they think more logically with a visual cue, thus understanding the number sequence in a fun way through this toy by arranging the pieces in the correct sequence, children are thrilled when they succeed in forming the complete image of children playing with Holi colours | Placing the pieces in a specific order to form the complete image acquaints them with the number sequence and progression from 1 to 20 with this toy, children learn to break down a visual image into 20 different parts and then reassemble the pieces this stimulates their ability to apply logic to assemble physical objects to get a complete meaningful image holding the pieces and arranging them improves children's fine motor skills as well | Comes packed in a Skola box with a detailed instruction manual to use the toy effectivel. The manual describes several interesting activities and games for the little scholar that will challenge them incrementally at every stage. Painted, printed and finished with en-71 part 3 compliant paints and inks
Sequencing is the fundamental building block to counting and hence to understanding the number system. Sequencing is the first step towards understanding concepts such as greater than, less than, quantities and patterns. This toy indirectly introduces sequencing as the correct number sequence ensures that the "Holi" picture is complete. It also aids logical thinking and memory development. The toy aids in sequencing pieces from 1 to 20.
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Price ₹545.00
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Brand Skola Toys
Age Group 3 Years
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