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Learnersbridge-Name Place Animal Thing

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Written Feature: Bold Text, Bright & Clear Picture For Easy Recognition, Non-Terrable Cards, Reusable as it has Velcro, Made From Sunboard

Special Feature:

Learn 26 Alphabets- flags-animals-things
Traditional Game

Symbol Feature: MADE IN INDIA, Travel-friendly, Family Fun Game, Increase General Knowledge, Out Of the Box Learning,

What is inside this game ?:

26 Alphabet Boards
26 Name Cards
26 Places Cards
26 Animals Cards
26 Things Cards

How to Play:

Each Board has Alphabet printed on it and has 4 squares of Name, Place, Animal, Thing.
Child has to pick card starting from that particular alphabet and stick Name, Place, Animal, Thing respectively
Its reusable since it has Velcro attached
Child has to repeat the activity for all 26 Alphabet Board and stick Name, Place, Animal, Thing respectively

Helpful for kids:

Learn 26 Alphabets
Learn different names alphabetically
Learn different countries flags
Learn different animals
Learn different things
Improves thinking skills
Increase General Knowledge


Alphabet Board Size 10 cm by 22 cm Name Non –tearable Cards Size 4 cm by 1.5cm
Place Non –tearable Cards Size 4 cm by 3 cm
Animal Non –tearable Cards Size 4 cm by 3 cm
Thing Non –tearable Cards Size 4 cm by 3 cm

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Price ₹1,752.00
Brand Learnersbridge
Age Group 3+ Years
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