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  1. What are some essential things Moms need when they have a 1 year old?

    New born babies can be both exhausting and wonderful at the same time. For new parents, this means a ton of work as they learn to navigate this new role of parenthood. 

    To make your lives easier, there are a few essential items that you should definitely buy before your new born arrives. This will ensure that you are more prepared for parenthood and it leads to less work for you down the road as a parent. 

    Below we have listed down some essential baby items for your 1 year old baby:

    1- Baby clothes

    You will always need abundant clothes for your infants on the get-go because they are messy eaters and can poop a lot as well so you will have

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  2. Tips to accomplish tasks while your baby takes a nap

    Babies can be challenging for a new parent to handle. You can be functioning on irregular sleep and getting behind on your work schedule. 

    Babies need constant care and attention. They would want to be fed, changed and need constant attention from you but when your baby finally takes a nap, you can get some things done quickly. 

    There are plenty of things that you can accomplish when your baby takes a nap. You can take a nap with them or in some cases, even complete your tasks for the day peacefully without any distractions.

    Here are some tips to help you accomplish your tasks while your baby takes a nap:

    1- Game plan

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  3. How to help your child to deal with night terrors

    Sometimes your child might find it difficult falling asleep and this can happen if they are facing night terrors. They can mumble, sleep walk or thrash around in bed and these are all experienced during night terrors.

    Night terror is a type of disorder where a person is partially awake. It can be triggered by some stressful event that happens to a child. It can make them feel more anxious. 

    It can be scary as a a parent to watch your child experience night terrors and not be able to sleep peacefully. The child might appear like they are awake but may be unresponsive when you call out their name.

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  4. How to teach your kids not to hit others

    Parenting an aggressive child can be difficult but it’s not impossible as it comes with it own sets of challenges. 

    Sometimes your kid might hit, bite or lick another child and that is a completely normal behaviour for their age group. It’s important for you to teach them gently at this age not to do this to other kids or adults.

    Here are some ways you can teach your kids not to hit others: 

    1- You have to be a good role model for your kid to watch and grow up as. So when your kid hits you, instead of shouting in pain, teach them that it hurts you and they will understand your pain.

    If you do

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  5. 10 activities to celebrate Dussehra with kids

    Dussehra is one of the most significant days in India. It is considered to be auspicious because it signifies good triumphing over evil and has been celebrated to honor the day Lord Ram slayed the demon king Ravana.

    Because of the importance of this day, it’s important for the kids to celebrate this festival with age-appropriate activities to help them understand more about the festival and enjoy it to the fullest. 

    Here are some of the fun Dussehra related activities that can help kids celebrate Dussehra at preschool or kindergarten: 

    1- Shoot the Ravana 

    One of the highlights of Dussehra is watching people shoot life-size versions of  Ravana while the crowd cheers on.

    Doing this signifies destroying all your bad qualities and leaving them behind. 

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