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  1. How to keep kids away from gadgets

    With the arrival of the 21st century, a lot of parents let their children use various gadgets either for educational purposes or to keep them distracted while they can finish their own work. 

    As a result, kids as young as 2 years or 3 years become expert in playing mobile games and using other gadgets. While this is looked as a boon, but using too much of something can become a disadvantage as well!

    As parents, it is your duty to help your child get over technology addiction and there are various measures you can take such that your child doesn’t become addicted to gadgets all day.

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  2. 6 Tips for raising kids that become easily distracted

    Parenting is fun and enjoyable. 

    Nothing can give you more happiness than watching your children learn new things while growing up. 

    Like everything else in life, your kid might be unique and having trouble focusing on their tasks for the day. If your child refuses to focus on a single thing and easily gets distracted then this article is for you. 

    There are various things you can do to help your child in such cases so that they don’t get easily distracted by other things. 

    Here are some tips to help you parent a child that has terrible in focusing :-

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  3. Makar Sankranti 2022: Celebration with your kids

    Makar Sankranti falls on January 14 and will go on till January 15th of this year. India, being a diverse country, our citizens celebrate this festival in various states in their own unique ways. 

    This Hindu festival is celebrated to make the arrival of spring and honours the Sun god with various appropriate rituals. This is the only Indian ritual based on the solar calendar, which is why it falls every year on the same date. 

    This beloved festival is known by various names in different parts of our country, like:

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  4. How to encourage kids to eat fruits and vegetables

    As parents it’s really important for kids to eat fruits and vegetables everyday, such that eating them becomes a normal part of their day and is no longer a struggle.

    You need to fill half of their plate with fruits and veggies as it helps to keep your baby strong, fit, healthy and encourages good eating habits from a young age. 

    Here are some ways you can encourage your kid to eat fruits and vegetables: 

    1- Role Model

    Be a

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  5. Top 10 ways you can celebrate Republic Day with your kids

    As we are approaching January 26th, there’s a feel of patriotism in the air. This special day of our country is celebrated with various activities to help every Indian remember the sacrifices that our ancestors made to free our country.

    As the largest democratic of the world, this day is celebrated to help instil patriotism in every citizen from a young age so they turn out to be responsible citizens in the future.

    Here are some ways you can celebrate Republic Day with your kids:

    1- Republic Day Parade

    Who doesn’t remember watching Republic Day parades that takes place in every state?

    Watching in television the army troops marching in Delhi with Republic Day’s songs like Mere Desh ki Dharti , Aye watan tere liye or apni azaadi ko hum plays on the background fills us with so much of love for the people of our country. 

    2- Flag hoisting 

    You can c

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