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  1. Importance of tummy time in babies

    Tummy time is the one of the best exercise that your baby can learn since they are a new born.

    Babies love sleeping on their backs and spend most of their time looking at the ceiling. Due to this they don’t have much chance to use other parts of their body. 

    This is why tummy time is so important. It helps your baby develop a strong neck, leg muscles, arm and core. 

    They learn to practice to reach up or pivot which helps them to learn how to crawl. T

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  2. The importance of establishing routines for children

    Routines are important for every child to learn from a young age so that it helps in their development and growth.

    Establishing routines for your child will seek to their advantage as it will improve their communication skills and build their self confidence. 

    Having daily routines might include activities like:

    -Time they wake up and get ready in the morning

    -Their meal times, bath times and nap times


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  3. How to baby proof your house

    As parents, your baby’s safety is always your top priority. Having a safe house where they can live, roam about and grow up in must be your utmost concern.

    When you are about to have a baby, take a few months ahead to check each and every nook and corner of your house to baby proof it so that they might not pose any threat to your baby.

    Here’s how you can go about to baby proof your house:

    1- Tackle greater things

    First things first, tackle the bigger things in your house that needs to be fixed.

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  4. Top indoor activities for toddlers to play with

    With the pandemic ongoing, there must be plenty of time for you to spend doing various activities with your children. 

    These activities need to be easy so that your toddler can take part and these toys can be played by them throughout the year. 

    To make it easier for you we have listed down various indoor toys and activities that you can play with them to keep them busy and entertained. 

    1- Baby Rattle Microphone 

    This baby rattle microphone is great for your toddlers who love to sing aloud. 

    When your babies play with it they get to hear different sounds that keep them entertained.

    Playing with this will help develop both their

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  5. Best gift ideas for new-born babies

    The arrival of a new born baby in any family is a joyous occasion and to come up with gift ideas for them can be confusing. When you gift them something it should be of some sentimental value as well as have some practical use so that they can cherish your gift. 

    Coming up with gift ideas to get for new born babies can be hard which is why we have compiled below some items that you can check out below. 

    1- Baby clothes

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