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  1. Shop From Our Top 10 Comfy Night Suits for Moms To Be

    Lil Amigo Nest is “ A ONE STOP DESTINATION ” to bring moms and kids closer with its wonderful range of products needed before and after pregnancy as well as after the newborn comes into the new world. All the essentials needed during the starting period will come to an end with us. We provide you with unique quality, functionality, and amazing craftsmanship with fantastic designs. From diapers to clothing and from toys to books. Our company is run by top professionals from Ivy League colleges having worked in blue-chip companies. We majorly focus on eco-friendly products which promote good health and healthy living. Our company primarily emphasizes difficult-to-find products as a primary yet really important purpose for both moms to be and babies too.

    Let’s Take You through an Adorable yet Stylish Range of Night Suits for Moms, during their Pregnancy.


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  2. Top 5 tips on managing your work-life balance with your kids around

    Balancing your work and family life correctly is something that every parents can face and it takes time to adjust and precariously manage everything from keeping your family happy to being able to manage multiple commitments in your work life. 

    Having the right kind of work-life balance is not only beneficial for your children but also helps you to be mentally and emotionally happy. Your children will get the right amount of attention and time from you to develop, learn and maintain a healthy relationship with you. 

    Maintaining a healthy balance will help you not feel burnt out at work and be mentally capable enough to complete tasks and ace in your work life. 

    Here are some ways you can manage your work-life balance successfully:

    1- Plan and Prioritise 

    Setting up priorities beforehand will help you achieve your goals of the week.

    Every weekend, you and your family members can sit down and write what

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  3. The 8 secrets required to raise happy children

    Being your child’s mother or father is a worthwhile, roller-coaster experience that you will be learning from everyday. We want our children to grow up to be kind, loving individuals that are successfully following their dreams. 

    Our only goal in life is to do everything we can to keep our children happy and satisfied. They need to have a stable, peaceful happy home to grow up in. We have compiled a list of parenting secrets below to help you achieve your goal.

    There are several ways you help your children’s happiness to flourish: 

    1- Humour 

    One of the best ways to make your children happy is to crack some jokes and try to find the humour when life gets tough. 

    When you try to find humour in certain situations and crack some jokes around them, it allows them to feel more free and not get too stressed out about life.

    2- Role model

    As their role models, your chi

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  4. Top 8 life lessons every parents need to teach their kids

    As parents we all want our kids growing up to be responsible, law abiding adults that flourish in their life. This becomes possible only when you start teaching them important positive life lessons from a very young age.

    Children earn life skills while watching their parents or mentors implementing it in their own lives.  The power of mentors, coaches and other role models can help shape up a kid and learn important life lessons from a very young age. 

    Here are some top life lessons that every parent should teach their kids:

    1- Respect

    Teaching your kids to respect everyone irrespective of their age, skin colour, profession, religion or where they are from, goes a log way to making sure your kids grow

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  5. Top 10 snacks your kids will absolutely love to eat at home

    As your kids grow up, they will require more than just three meals a day to satisfy them. Having healthy snacks in between is going to help curb their hunger pangs and for you to sneak in some healthy nutrients in their diet. 

    Instead of offering them unhealthy snack options that have refined flour, added sugar and preservatives, you can offer them healthy options that will provide them energy and the proper nutrition to grow up as healthier adults. 

    Here we have provided you with a list of 10 healthy snacks that will prove both healthy and delicious for your children:

    1- Celery 

    Take a stalk of celery and cut it into 3 or 4 long pieces and spread peanut butter inside them. You can arrange a few raisins on top of it. 

    This is a fun way for your

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